The specialist management impact on small and average firms’ efficiency

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The specialist management impact on small and average firms’ efficiency

The risk that is in ambush of untalented managers and their firms is not to accept educated people. Experiences have proved that the traditional people do not accept educated people.
Saturday, February 11, 2017 11:35:00 AM

 Small and medium industries are in recession for a long time and the government is intending to support the section by giving some facilities to it. However, the bulk of the problems of small and medium industries are suffering from a lack of expert management.

We must accept that companies active in the economic sector are mainly managed traditionally and it is important cause their not less in number. A significant number of small and medium industries are deprived of financial resource management, human resource management and knowledge of the processes and systems in industrial plants and because of the lack of risk-taking they prefer the old system to continue their activities. In the past, unit profit margins were high and the domestic and export markets were facing with fewer problems. Over time, the market for products and market development put more problems on the way to managers of small and medium industries.

It is supposed to put a cost for managers training and modernize the unit management aside beside the financial support for small and medium enterprises and to move from traditional management to modern management to make more profits and fewer problems.

There is a risk for illiterate managers and their business that they avoid to take advantage of educated people in their field. Experience has shown that traditional people unconsciously take sides against the educated people and give priority to those who are more experienced. This is one of the main reasons for firms’ fall behind up to date knowledge.

In today’s market those small units could remain stable and continue the competition that literally do industrial enterprises and connect to major production chains. Otherwise they could not remain and decompose with just a small in the structure of the economy.

That is why small firms in the first step must take industry consults and carry out their activities with the expert advices. In the second step, they should force their managers to become aware of the world science and take specialized courses. For the last step they should use graduates’ knowledge in their own units. In this case thinking about improving the production qualities along with an appropriate market with the help of exact marketing would be possible.

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