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The printing industry plasma negligence

Emphasizing the importance of plasma technology and the importance of this industrial activity Printing and Packaging Technology the meeting of Science and Technology of Printing, Creativity, Innovation and knowledge-based technologies was held.

 From the series of Printing Science and Technology commemoration in the second week, on Sunday evening, August 4, the meeting of Science and Technology of Printing, Creativity, Innovation and knowledge-based technologies with the effort of Iran Printing Technology Association was held In Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute.

The head of Printing Technology Association of Iran, Mohammad Bitarafan, called the base of Resistive economy the knowledge-based economy and stating that today the owners of printing and packaging industry should support the formation of knowledge-based companies, announced the preparation of Press Association for trying to brand knowledge-based companies of these filed.

Pointing to the interweaving of creativity and innovation, he mentioned the need for creativity in the current era due to the increasing need for more productivity and stating that the country's future war would not be because of the energy but is in the area of human capitals, he described the printing industry amongst the industries which are totally depended on skilled human capital.

Following the meeting, Navab Safa, one of the researchers in the field of printing and packaging industry from Kavosh Yaran-e Navid Pouya Company, complained that the printing industry's technology and its functions are still not known by presenting a paper on the plasma in the printing industry. “Unfortunately we still cannot offer our research results in this field to the producers and activists printing and packaging industry after so many years” Says Navid.

The head of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Nikoumanseh, also announced The Institute's readiness to cooperate with the country's printing office and providing the results of their research to them for upgrading the printing industry.

At the end of Printing Science and Technology, Creativity, Innovation and Knowledge-based Technologies Meeting, a memorandum of cooperation between Iran Printing Technology Association and the Society of Polymer Science and Engineering of the mentioned Institute was signed by the two parties and Nikoumanseh. 

Published Date Saturday, February 11, 2017 9:47:00 AM
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