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What is the reality of Chinese product quality?

Our countrymen point of view about Chinese products is negative and what have been seen in our markets in both field of machinery and raw materials has not an acceptable quality and this fact is undeniable.

 What is certain and logical, is that there is not a fair and correct judgment about Chinese actual production among Iranian people who are the final consumer and have never reached standard Chinese goods. A part of this problem is related to some business profiteers who are looking for cheap goods. Goods which are imported through unofficial ports and certainly the lack of product quality inspection and standards in customs could be other reasons of this problem.

If Iranian people have ever traveled to European countries, surely their aspect about Chinese productions would change. There you could provide all your needs with the best qualities through global markets on the condition that you do not look for cheap and low quality goods. You should find high quality Chinese production in valid and reliable stores.

Considering that China is the world's largest exporter of goods and many countries are the purchaser of its quality products, we should find the problem through government or in the other language points of entry into the country and Iranian businessmen. They should not look for Chinese cheap production in the selection and importation process and they must be more obsessive about the quality in order to choose the bests for importations of the country.

Blaming China is not correct. Because in today’s world, the exporter targets its production quality based on the intended country’s consumer market demand. In fact, it derives their needs and starts to produce based on them.

One of the most fundamental problems of the country is the loss of national currency against the world’s leading currencies. For now, the government has attempted to solve the problems between itself and the world's advanced industrial countries we hope that the problems will be solved at the international level after all it should steps with an exact plan for imports and exports of the country. The difference between the European productions’ quality and price is the world economy fact that makes us to continue the cooperation with China. For instant, in our professional area when it is possible to import the zinc offset with a good quality from China with the price of 3 Euros per square meter, it is not so logical to think about European ones.

Before the sanctions 95 percent of our import goods were from Europe and now we have the importation of that variety from China. 2 years ago, our country’s imports that 95 percent of it was for raw materials and basic goods and it value was estimated about 5.5 billion dollar. In the same year, about quadruple of this number means more than 20 billion dollars of goods smuggled into the country. For sure, the smuggled goods have not been just the raw materials. This resulted to the closure or semi-closure of 85% of factories in the country.

When the Iranian businessman buys a Chinese shoes for 5 dollars and sell it about 30 dollars, the Iranian consumer expects a quality of 30 dollars shoes and finally this results to this mentality that Chines productions has low quality.

About 200 economic groups from all around the world, especially industrial countries have come to Iran in the past several months, but why the private sector has failed to finish minimal trades of these economic commutes? When comparing the European production prices with Chinese goods, we can find out the impressive difference between them and so there is not a hope for European goods importation. Even brands that have branches in all around countries they are all Chinese production.

In conclusion, as long as there are not oversights for importers and our businessmen are unfair to choose the low quality productions, people point of view to the Chinese commodity remain the same and small and medium industries of the country had to be closed one after another.

Published By Gholamreza Shoja Date Saturday, February 11, 2017 2:28:00 PM
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