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Iranian production must be supported

When holding the sixth international exhibition of digital printing, we faced with a simple but full of energy booth which belonged to Mr. Piriayi, a young Iranian innovator engineer who had developed a fully automatic stretch film machine.

Please introduce yourself and explain about your activity:

My name is Hussein Piriayi. I entered to the printing field when I was just 13. I started to work with “Chap-e Silk-e Khorshid” company in 2000 and it was almost the same year that I also began working in machinery and automation. In 2003 I won the selected title in silk printing In National Festival of the printing industry

Explain about the machine you have produced:

It is a thermal stretch film machine with width of 50 x 35, and its length only by changing the programming parameters is also expandable up to 70 centimeters without costing money. The device uses infrared radiation to heat which decrease the electricity consumption to half kilowatt. The automated sheeting and over lab of the device are its advantages.

What are the advantages of this device in comparison to other foreign types?

Primarily, one of the advantages of our machine, which distinguishes it from the foreign samples, is its low power consumption. Since it works with one phase and household electricity, its energy consumption is very low. The second advantage of it is its size. It is usable in any printing office with any size. It’s very reasonable price and good options separates it from the hinese samples.

Do you have any competitors in Iran?

Regarding to the device coordinates and its facilities there is no similar domestic cases. The legal actions for registering the device construction are being taken. About the foreign samples I should say given the technical issues and its advantages, no similar samples are founded.

Have you ever export any of this machines you have produced?

No, the devices that have already been produced were according to the customer requirements, but about the stretch film machine we have produced we are intending to enter the exportation field due to the negotiations we had with a company to obtain European standards. We have not studied on what countries are our target markets but generally our target markets would be the neighbor countries.

Do you think that the specialized publications could be effective on informing about the innovations and technologies?

Certainly the media's role in all aspects could be studied and the specialized publications have an extreme role in creating awareness. Since we are already seeing progress in the printing industry, the specialized publications have a significant role in creating awareness and informing more about the up to date technologies.

Have you ever been supported by the government or government agency? What do you expect from the relevant authorities?

No. Unfortunately none of them have supported us. I believe domestic producers and domestic production should be supported more. I tries to help domestic production with no financial support. Unfortunately, we in this country do not see any support from the government or government agencies.

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