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Iran's acquisition of 3D printing technology

The Knowledge-based companies are considered as one of the pillars of the development in the country. And paying attention to these companies are also are the Resistance economy priorities. “Afarinesh Pendar-e Ayandeh” company is one of the few companies that is about to join to the knowledge-based companies class. The company is active in printing field and has achieved the technology of producing 3d printing machinery. On this occasion, in the exclusive interview with executive manager of this company we inquire about the quality of their activities in producing the 3d printing machinery.

First, please introduce yourself and explain about the company and your type of activity:

My name is Fata Mohammadifard and I am the PhD student of Aerodynamics field. “Afarinesh Pendar-e Ayandeh” was registered as a company in July, 2013. We began simply with the engineering design activities. In fact, we had this capability to design in different fields of industry, Centrifugal oil pumps, different kinds of machine turbine, wind turbines and the super heater boilers. In this way, we managed to be the first company to offer our own idea to improve the industries instead of selling the products.

What prompted you to produce three-dimensional printers?

After about eight months of activity, we found out that unfortunately, in our country while there is no belief in creation idea, manufacturers prefer to import the Chinese components for C K D or separately to the country and assemble them for tendering as domestic production. Due to the fact that in the discussion of centrifugal pumps for different phases of South Pars Gas- condensate field in cooperation with a company we succeed to produce several oil pumps at the lowest price and by actualizing the company’s potential, no job was offered to us and our activities remain unanswered. So we found out that unfortunately nobody welcome creating ideas.

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