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3DFAST the first online service for three-dimensional printing services

3DFAST is the first online service for three-dimensional printing services. By using 3DFAST services you can calculate your 3D printing online and order to the nearest and highest quality printing service. If you have three-dimensional printer, you can also join the network providers.

Please introduce the start – up you have launched:

My name is Mostafa Shahrmiani. I am Founder and CEO of start-up 3DFAST and we offer online 3D printing services and 3D printing products.

From where did you inspire your basic idea? What issue does your idea resolve?

At first we decided to be a glasses manufacturer in which we could produce customized and personalized glasses for customers. This idea was developed and concluded that the online three-dimensional printing service is one of the needs of the market. 

The problem begins that many people who have three-dimensional models do not know the price and quality level of three-dimensional printing providers. We have solved this problem. After uploading the file, we announce the price and the provider to the customer.

Where did you realize that your idea is marketable?

First, we tested our ideas with one primary product (MPV). We talked with people active in the field of goldsmith and architecture and we concluded that the idea is good. We expanded our idea, made it as our business and we were able to enter the market.

What is the difference between the basic version and the version that is now on the market? What feedback from customers has caused this change?

The initial version of the product did not have online price calculator and its features were limited to a simple file uploading in websites. The service which is now available to customers analyzes and fencings models online and identifies potential problems in the design.

Introduce the most creative thing in your startup:

Our business is creative zero to hundred and every day we face creativity for doing a new job. We can produce all the products are new and have not previously existed. All the products we produce are new and have not existed before.

What advantages do you have over your competitors?

Fortunately or unfortunately, we do not currently compete in Iran’s market.

How did you find your first customers? How do you attract customers?

We initially found our first client in social networks specially Instagram. The client sent us their model and we printed and sent it. This indicated that our business has customers. After that we extended our platform.

Do you have a plan to attract customers?

Our marketing programs are through events that we hold each week at various universities. Also we are trying to attract customers through social networks and search engines.

How did your team formed? What tasks and activities does each member of the team you are responsible for have?

I created the team using friends who I knew before and by extending the business people who were interested in cooperation were added to our team. We have a part for three-dimensional scan and a part for three-dimensional printing that the technical people are working. The web extension relates to the platform. We also have a part related to designing.

Does your start – up cooperate with a company or special person?

We started with Fanap accelerator and our collection grew from there. Have been working with government agencies and banks, For example, banks have referred to us for making ATM parts.

How did you provide your initial investment?

We start our initial capital by attracting from the Fanap accelerator.

Do you have a plan for fundraising?

To attract investor we try to attend events that are held on startup. There is a great need to raise funds for 3D printing in order to buy foreign devices.

How has your mind changed about the entrepreneurial world comparing with launching 3DFAST start – up?

3DFAST is the third start – up that I'm working on it in earnest and in fact is the fifth business I am working online. The start – up life is not like you think about, that you start a company and very soon achieve a high income. You must be in trouble because you may not have a client or have to many clients that you cannot manage them, or maybe your team do not cooperate well, so you stay alone. You have to be hopeful for trends because it is possible that whatever happens so you should be at any time in the business.


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