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A financial look to the exhibitions holding

If we take a logical and scientific look to the exhibition as the exhibition industry, we find out easily that it affects the economy of the country or city where the exhibition is being held and creates economic boom.

The impact of the fair is obvious with massive advertising in all stores, historical sites, airport, and urban vehicles such as subway, buses and hotels. The aim is economic boom that important parts of the city cost are earned through the venue for international exhibitions.

The other point of holding seminars, conferences and visits to factories is that they are done by exhibitors and officials. A significant number of visitors, especially foreign visitors use the opportunity of the conference and seminars.

If we compare the benefits of seminars and conferences between users and visitors of an exhibition that is held with international standards UFI with our domestic exhibition, 1 to 2 percent of the total numbers of visitors welcome these programs; it is while welcoming the interior exhibitions is less than a few thousandths of visitors.

In another comparison between Iran’s printing industry exhibition and the Drupa modern machines in all halls are obvious but in interior exhibitions there are none of them.

About 300 thousand visitors visited this year's Drupa. If each visitor has spent 2000 euros at the time of entry and exit to Germany, The amount totaled € 200 million has been injected into the economy (According to statistics Officials of Drupa were about 30% of foreign visitors; a hundred thousand people).

International Fair can assign individual people to jobs or positively affect their economic income. As the most advanced and developed countries provide a part of its annual revenues from the venue of international exhibitions, it is not noted in our country. Government or its affiliates just think about the income from rental sides of the exhibition and companies and organizations are organizing themselves to cash more. Of course, not only to serve the industry and the country's production but also benefits of their company or organization which belong to exhibition.

International Day for the exhibition industry in January 2016 by the Yufi is adopted in January 8th each year which was supported by dozens of country. Most developed or developing countries on the pretext of World Expo with the economic and industrial look in order to develop their country and earning higher incomes have intended certain institutions to commemorate this day, Also on the sidelines of the ceremony by holding free technical sessions and conferences provide a valuable opportunity by training professionals, students and practitioners of the exhibition.

In our country several hundred international economic, political, regional, and religious events are held, but unfortunately this area is not significant and Officials only pay attention to the political and religious spheres.

“Thanks to the readiness of the dozens of unions as well as hundreds of members of Yufi exhibitions, exhibition managers, executives, professionals and individuals today, thousands of worldwide exhibitions companies have given great value to the industry and strive to improve their exhibitions” says Sergei Alexeyev the head of Yufi in a statement to commemorate the exhibition industry.

Yufei also hopes to bring all those involved in the industry under its support. This day is an innovative in exhibition industry and could be an opportunity for growth and excellence of worldwide exhibitions companies to gain more members every day in our Yufi.

Exhibition industry could establish relations between Iranian businessmen and foreigners in order to contact the possibility of exchanges and trade. All Iranian exportable goods sellers in various sectors present in these exhibitions and by stressing the importance of fair and Business Conferences make the owners attended in the exhibition industry of the country familiar with the capacity of exports and imports of the countries.

One of the revenues of specialized exhibitions is selling entrance tickets. This year's it reached to a maximum of 65 euros in Drupa and this significant revenue cause to a better holding of the exhibition.

Of course, the other objectives of the organization Yufi is increasing the level of knowledge and connecting with audiences, stakeholders and practitioners and visitors to exhibitions in all sectors, such as governments, public authorities, organizations and private companies, public organizations.

According to statistics provided a daily average of more than 80 large and small exhibitions are held all around the world that has a significant impact on the economy and industry and the most important and the main goal of it could be export.

The exhibition visitors from around the world are more than 260 million people a year that is a staggering statistic. If the exhibition is held properly, it can cause a lot of progress and economic growth in each country.

According to Yufi Statistics and the announcement of the various exhibition sites, about 124 million square meters of domestic and international exhibitions are held in the world that this space equals the amount of approximately 30 thousand football fields. The statistics also show that in the whole world 700 thousand people are living only through exhibition employment fairs. The turnover of exhibitions by exhibitors and visitors reaches to 100,000 million euros. Our industry can rely on revenues of exhibitions and in the non-oil exports and they help to increase the economic boom.

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