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Paper and carton managers held specialized meeting in Cooperative Organization office

An specialized meeting for production and quality control managers in mid-May in conference center of Cooperative of Paper and Carton Organization office.

In this meeting, teachers, professors, board members of paper companies, production managers, quality control managers discussed different problems and conditions of paper production, the condition of global printing industry and implementation of the latest technologies and discoveries.

CEO of the Cooperative Organization and the board members of paper industry said that the goal for this meeting was exchanging ideas and solutions for managers of paper and carton companies. He said, “In this meeting, paper producers will hear the customers feedback better and will make an effort to align our production with customers needs. We hope to improve the production of paper so that importing paper would be meaningless or limited.

Rasool Tahmasebizadeh added, “in the current situation, financial problems and cash flow are the major problems for all paper producers so the Cooperative Organization has arranged a research group including masters in this field in order to reduce and remove all of the obstacles of production and also to raise the national standard for packaging. However this requires exchanging ideas and problems.

After that the assistant professor from Cellulose and Paper Engineering Department said, “ reduction of water usage, implementation of latest technologies, and lack of resources are some of the issues that we have to pay attention to. Dr. Hossein Jalali Tarshizi added, “ Cooperative Organization to commit a group of professors from Shahid Beheshti University to educate and inform the activists in this field that we hope the producers will support us.

Following that Dr. Ramezani delivered a speech on recycled paper, and said “waste paper shortage in the country is considerable in a way that dealers are deciding the price of paper. Furthermore recycling to paper is troublesome. Issues regarding water circulation, imported paper producing machinery or old machinery, lack of control unit and tools are some the major limitations of paper production in Iran.”

Dr Manzor Al-Ajdad said in this meeting, “we should use the experience from the advanced countries. We should prioritize plans based on customer need, testing, and sampling the paper production units so that with numbers and statistics the general efficiency of a company can be evaluated. He expressed, “ we don’t have documents and strategies and because of this the problems of the waste paper standard are obvious and the best solution to improve the paper production units is getting feedbacks and requests from the final customers (the carton producers); or to put it simply we should look from end to start, the taste and the need of carton producers is the best solution for paper producers and providing supplies and proper raw material because industrial growth is dependent on production.

Dr. Manzor Al-Ajdad also pointed at the advanced technology used in paper and said “ paper industry requires more than 30 engineering fields such as wood, textile, electrical, mechanical, etc.

It should be noted at the meeting was managed well by the CEO of the Cooperative Organization and all managers were trying to help fix the problems together by paying attention to them because they all knew that they all needed each other. At the end of the meeting, which took 3 hours, Tahmasebi said that he was hopeful that with cultivation this industry will come out of its old and traditional form and evolve to a modern and industrial form.

The professors present at the meeting who were from the scientific board of Shahid Beheshti University (Dr. Jalali, Dr. Ramezani, Dr. Manzor Al-Ajdad, and Mr. Rostami) answered the audience questions in a scientific and modern way. It is needed to say that the audience expressed their satisfaction to participate in this meeting and requested from the CEO of Cooperative Organization to hold more of such events.

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