Iran Print Industry News Agency President of the Association of Women Publishers:
: Women are more purposeful than men in the publishing industry

Parvin Sedghian, President of the Association of Women Publishers said: women are more attentive than men in their careers, and women are also more purposeful which is related to their being mothers and the many challenges they have in their personal lives.

Parvin Sedghian, President of the Association of Women Publishers said in an interview about female publishers: No organization provides serious support for the Association of Women Publishers, and The Ministry of Culture and Guidance was forced to accept this responsibility. Also there are a lot of problems in printing industry, and if a woman wants to do publishing by herself, practically she will face some problems and obstacles that men don’t.

She said about the position of women in publishing industry: If printing industry blooms financially, naturally women will benefit from this advantage too, because feminine characteristics influences their goal and responsibilities in being a publisher. They are more careful in their work, and women are more purposeful in their work which leads to the fact that women look more deeply into the issues and they do not do book building.

She added : By establishing the Association of Women Publishers we have become able to introduce ourselves to many organizations and institutes, and the reason many female publishers register in this association is their intend to be introduced to these organization.

Sedghian said: The road to publishing is harder for women than men, and women fight and go forward, and the Association of Women Publishers has also fought to keep its place among male peers in this industry. Unfortunately books are not in the family shopping cart and this is one of the main problems of publishing industry. When you look at it as a profession we should respond to people who support this field financially.

 President of the Association of Women Publishers in regard to organizational support said: the Association of Women Publishers was established in 1997, and its activity was registered at the Ministry of Work and Cooperation in 2013, and became the first only-women Association to get license. If there is no help form the Ministry of Work and Ministry of Guidance, the Association of Women Publishers will face problems every day and eventually will dissolve. The Association of Women Publishers has never been supported financially and it’s fed by the members. The reason for not getting support from organizations is their indifference to associations.

Sedghian also mentioned the most important programs of the Association of Women Publishers and said: One of the goals of this association is to enable female publishers concerning quality and printing books. Also holding meetings in different organizations to discuss women and the topic of their books is another program to improve the quality of this association.

President of the Association of Women Publishers in reply to the question “What subjects are more regarded by female publishers in book publications?” said: Fortunately, female publishers interest is shifting towards Literature, Drama, Children, Psychology, Education, and Environment.  Also life and family related issues are areas where female publishers has noticed in the recent years.

Sedghian in evaluation of the book selling statistics in the 30th  International Book Fair of Tehran explained: In the International Book Fair of Tehran in the booth dedicated to the Association of Women Publishers, we didn’t have any books related to cooking, and tailoring which shows that women are more interested in educative and family related topics rather than cooking and tailoring.


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